Saturday, November 11, 2017



We've spent a lot of time and money figuring out how to record great sounding drum tracks.

Here is what it takes:
Great sounding drums and cymbals

The heads on the drums need to be selected for the best studio performance to minimize ugly overtones and unwanted sustain and resonance.

A good sounding room with acoustic treatment to record in, not just dead, it still needs some brightness but bass frequencies need to be attended to as well as controlling high frequencies.

The drums need to be tuned to perfection, when they're tuned correctly no tape, towels, gel or other dampening is required. The drums can sing like they're supposed to.

Great sounding microphones to pick up the drum and cymbal sounds. Our tom-tom microphones were individually hand built for our set. The coincident pair of overhead microphones were also custom built for our studio.

Premium low-mass microphone cables to connect the sensitive microphones to the microphone preamps, preferably keeping the cables as short as possible.

Remote controlled Midas microphone preamps, this keeps the signal path short and direct.

Here is a link to pictures and more information about the Proworkshop drum set on the Proworkshop Gear pages.

Want to record using our drum set? You can personally record on the drum set or hire one of our amazing studio drummers to create the perfect part for your song. Contact us through our web site, see you there!

Good music to you!