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HoT is an ongoing discussion about the equipment and hardware from the Proworkshop recording studio in Melbourne, Florida. The studio is now closed to the public but the 58+ years of music, guitar toys and recording technology marches on. 

Here on "High on Technology" you'll find real, honest insight and reviews of studio hardware, musical instruments, amplifiers and the signal processing we use for creating music. 

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Mark has been doing DIY for over 55 years, we'll be adding helpful tips and useful ideas you can use in your own musical adventure. 

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Mark started recording in the late 50's when his father brought home a Webcor half track tape recorder. He grew up playing under his fathers Steinway grand piano and started taking guitar lessons on his 10th birthday. Since then his guitar and bass collection has grown to over 55 instruments, his keyboard and synthesizer collection has included many classics by Moog, Yamaha, Roland, Sequential, Oberheim and modern pieces like the Behringer Deepmind 12D. Mark's guitar amp collection includes many Mesa-Boogie, Fender and Marshall tube amplifiers along with all manner of speaker cabinets loaded with JBL, EV, Celestion and Eminence speakers. 

Mary started playing music in the late 60's, clarinet, keyboards, bass, guitar and vocals are just a few of her many musical talents. Mary is a certified genius and has been instrumental in helping with technical issues on the HoT web site. Lately she is spending a lot of time on her latest passions, oil and watercolor painting. Check her out at www.marykingpaintings.com

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