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Compare level on JLM meter to level on the Neve VU meters. Both are from same source.

I have previously covered the JLM PPM500 meter and you can find that review here

In this review we're taking a look at the other way JLM packages their fantastic Peak and Program Meter technology, in a stand alone enclosure.

I recently added a second Neve 8816 to my studio for tracking into my DAW. The one problem with the Neve is the metering, those little custom VU (swinging needle) meters don't show you what you really need to know, the "Peak value" of the audio. In an age where many manufacturers are not putting  any level-indicators on their gear I appreciate that the Neve 8816 has meters. 


To supplement the limited metering on the 8816 I ordered a JLM VUPPM Stereo Meter Compact to supplement the inbuilt Neve meters.

The JLM meters show peak and average on the same scale simultaneously. They do this with multicolor LED and very clever engineering. I've been working with the JLM metering for around three years so when I acquired the new Neve 8816 one of my first stops was JLM audio so I could order this stereo version. 


This compact stereo version is basically the same electronics used in the PPM500 except this meter is in a standalone plastic case and it reads horizontally instead of vertical. On the rear there are a pair of XLR input connectors, a tiny on-off switch and a DC inlet for the required 5-volts DC power supply. JLM offers the power supply as an option or you can choose to use your own (just be sure it mates with the inlet jack correctly). 


I connected the JLM stereo meter in parallel with the outputs on my Neve 8816, this means I can look at the mixer or the JLM meter to determine the signal level feeding the DAW. The bright LED's on the JLM immediately grab your eye and they're so easy to see from across the room. I'm composing and recording electric guitar and needed a display that was easy to see. The JLM Stereo VU lets me know exactly where my peak signal value is and if I'm sending a signal to the DAW interface that is too hot, too cold or just right. 


Compact, light weight size

Easy to setup and connect

Available as a kit or fully assembled and tested

Bright display with 40 LED's per meter channel

Reads peak and average simultaneously on one display

Accurate and reliable





I like the JLM meters a lot. They help me make better recordings. 

Joe Malone, the inventor and resident genius at JLM is very nice, fast to respond to email inquiries and in spite of the conservative "build times" listed on their web site, was able to turn-around my order very quickly. 

If you're ordering from the USA I'd encourage you to step up to DHL shipping. I've had orders via the post office system take almost three weeks to make the trek from Australia to Melbourne, Florida. My recent DHL shipment made the trip in about 7 days which was pretty amazing. 

If you really want to know what size signals you're sending to your DAW these meters from JLM are the cure. 

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