Saturday, April 1, 2023


Details are slim at this point but Marshall Amplification, the company started by Jim Marshall in the early 1960's has been sold to a Swedish company. Marshall family heirs will hold significant stock.

This sale disturbs me at my core. If Jim Marshall were alive I don't think this would have ever happened. 

I hope this actually turns out to be a good thing but I'm doubtful based on my 63 years of experience with guitar and the music business at large. I suspect that social conditions in the UK are making it ever more difficult to run a profitable company based there. In addition, the family heirs are tired of fighting and running the company. 

This deal gives the heirs cash and approximately a 25% stake in what the new company is. Even if the new company goes bust the heirs have their cash, if the new company blossoms then it is a win-win for them. Only time will tell. 

Regardless of what happens I will be fine. I have six Marshall 4x12 cabinets loaded with a variety of Celestion speakers. I also have two 1x12 Marshall cabinets along with over a dozen Marshall amplifiers.

I was fortunate to meet and talk with Jim Marshall at many trade shows. He was the consummate gentleman, the ultimate brand ambassador and always ready to talk about anything Marshall.

Best wishes to the new Marshall owners. Good music to you!