Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Update: year of use report at end

A new Behringer A800 arrived today. My girlfriend brought it in from the front porch where Amazon delivered it. She casually asked what was in the big box. I said "a stereo power amplifier" and she said "it sure is light for an amp".

In the specifications for the A800 it says the amp weighs seven-pounds. After holding the two-rack space marvel I'm inclined to believe them. I did not weigh it because I was too anxious to connect it up and hear what it could do.

I bought this amp specifically to be the power section of my Kemper guitar rig. I'm driving Bose 802 speaker systems. Normally the Bose Controller EQ adds a noticeable amount of noise but due to fully balanced interconnections between all the pieces of equipment noise was nowhere to be found.

I was shocked and surprised for the better hearing how dead silent the residual-noise audio performance of the whole system turned out. Hum and background noise were gone completely.

The A800 has a pair of LED ladder level indicators on the front panel. These are in the same place as they were on the much heavier and lower output A500 which preceded the A800 model. The A500 is no more, it's gone from distribution and the only way to get one is eBay.

My initial reaction to the A800 is WoW! It's dead silent in all ways (no fan noise cause there's no fan). The sound quality can only be described as very good. I did not do scientific testing but my gut reaction is that Behringer has another winner with this new lightweight Class D model. The A500 predecessor weighed 20 pounds so this new model is only about 1/3 as much.

I've been a bit prejudiced against Class D amplifiers in the past but this new beast in lightweight clothing looks to change my mind. I'll update this article as I rack up more usage time on the A800.

So far, the A800 seems like a very cool piece of audio equipment.

Good music to all!

UPDATE: I've been using the A800 for a year now and it continues to impress me with it's performance. It sounds VERY GOOD. I still have not done scientific testing but this amp continues ro impress me for light weight and excellent sound.