Wednesday, July 3, 2019



The Apogee Groove is a USB headphone amplifier. It connects to any USB 2 (or above) connection. You select the Groove as the output in your preferences and magic happens when you listen with headphones. I'm using it on a new MacBook Pro 13" laptop. Comparing the laptop headphone output to the Groove headphone output is like comparing a 1966 Volkswagon Beatle to a modern Ferrari, it's that big of a difference!

Who needs a USB headphone amplifier?Anyone who values sound and/or music at all, especially if you use higher impedance headphones like those made by Sennheiser.

In the most simple way of looking at it, all headphones have a value as a load (impedance), which they present to whatever electrical source is driving them.

In my collection of headphones, you'll find some very inexpensive models which are down around 8-ohms according to the specs. I have almost every Audio Technica model of headphones and they're typically up in the range of 30-40 ohms. Then there's the Sennheiser's which are up around 200 ohms.

Why does this matter? As the impedance goes up, sound goes away. That's the simple way of describing the effect.

Groove beats the stock headphone output in several ways and you'll know it's working hard because the machined aluminum enclosure runs warm.

Inside the fancy little package is an array of micro circuits featuring four DAC per channel (total of 8 Digital Audio Converters). Through design magic Apogee enginears have come up with a current-drive amplifier that is immune to the higher impedance characteristics of some headphones, allowing them to deliver extraordinary levels of detail and overall improved sonics.

You can buy Groove for under 200 dollars on Amazon and it's Prime. Once you compare your internal laptop headphone output to the Groove headphone output you won't be sending it back.

Listening to music on my Sennheiser HD600 headphones with Groove is addicting, it's like connecting at a deeper level. Amazing is all I can say, Groove is a killer gadget. Groove also drives Sennheiser HD650 and sounds amazing with those headphones too.

Driving lower impedance headphones like Audio Technica ATH-50, Groove did not disappoint, it delivered tighter, more-punchy low frequencies along with the silky smooth high frequency reproduction.

We don't use affiliate marketing, no links, I don't care where you buy it. If you like sound at all you should definitely get the Apogee Groove USB headphone amplifier. Once you hear it you won't want to listen without it.

Good music to all!