Thursday, September 24, 2020


Eventide makes some of my favorite effects for guitar and studio applications. Recently they unveiled the all new "Eventide Black Hole" Reverb pedal.

The Blackhole reverb algorithm has been available in the Eventide H9 and Space pedals but now it's available in a standalone version. This new dedicated Blackhole box does one sound and it does it marvelously. This has been my favorite reverb algorithm for the last four years. 

The dedicated controls makes it easy to adjust and fun to explore the controls. Since the controls are dedicated to this box you don't need any LCD or readout to help navigate the functions.

Some of the controls have unique nomenclature you may be unfamiliar with but after spending a few minutes exploring their functions you'll be off in your own universe.

The Blackhole package is compact and metal, it feels good in your hand, very solid and very sturdy. On the rear are all the connectors. Midi and USB are available, so is a versatile expression pedal feature.

There are two foot switch buttons on the face, one turns the effect on and off while the other one provides a unique "Freeze" function. A hidden toggle function on the right foot switch goes between "Preset Select" and "Freeze On-Off" modes. An indicator light above the right foot switch toggles between Preset and Freeze (LED off = Preset, ON=Freeze mode, blinking = Frozen). 

A compact switching power supply is included with the Blackhole.


If you've ever noodled with other Eventide stomp boxes then you're probably familiar with the deep and extensive editing this company builds into their products. The Blackhole pedal looks simple with just six knobs and two foot switches but there are tons of features lurking below the surface.

Five of the front panel knobs are dual function. A dedicated lighted button, just to the right of the Feedback knob toggles between primary and secondary control function.

A ladder of five LED indicates which preset is active. These lights are also used in System Setup Mode to set the midi channel, set bypass mode, set the expression pedal input, set midi clock and to indicate the status of "Catchup" for editing functions.

There are WAY more features and functions than I have time to go through here. Download the "Blackhole Quick Reference Guide" yourself from the Eventide website to see a detailed explanation of the features and controls.


I connected the Blackhole directly to a pair of line inputs on my Soundcraft mixer. With the faders up and the preamp gain controls set for full level I was stunned at how low noise this pedal is. The Blackhole is a totally modern build, it is stunningly quiet and features exceptional low residual noise.

The reverb sounds this pedal can create are immense and beautiful. I've been using an Eventide Factor series "Space" pedal set to Blackhole for the last couple of years. Now I can repurpose the Space pedal because I've got the new dedicated Blackhole pedal with purpose-built controls.


What's not to like? This pedal is built like a tank, it's packed full of editing features to help you contour the effect to match your performance and it's priced right at only $279. 

Good music to you!

RATINGS (Maximum of 5)

Tones 5
Ease of use 4.5
Build/Design 5
Value 5

PROS: Compact, great sound, low noise

CONS: None

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