Friday, December 10, 2021




When I first spotted the JHS 3 Series Phaser pedal on sale I immediately ordered one. I’ve bought every one of the JHS 3 Series pedals because I know Josh Scott cares about tone and these pedals represent an important market segment for his company.

The original orange MXR phase shifter was called the “Phase 90”, it was one of the first effect pedals I bought in the early 70’s. It only had one knob but it had a sound. I took it to my guitar lesson that week and my teacher had never seen or heard one. When the two of us fired it up he immediately said “It’s a Leslie in a little orange box”. The rollout of the original Phase 90 was a huge success for MXR and it’s still an important product today.


The new 3 Series Phaser from JHS provides you with an incredible sounding “phase shifter” effect that blows away the simple Phase 90 in terms of useability and tone adjustment. 

The JHS pedal has three knobs, a toggle switch, a footswitch and an LED, all for under $100. The exterior of the box is plain flat white paint with no fancy artwork, just like all its siblings in the 3 Series pedal lineup. When the pedal is ON the LED glows and pulses to show the rate of phasing, a simple but brilliant feature that really enhances usage.

Three knobs give you the ability to “Blend” the phased sound with your guitar, control the “Rate” of the sweeping effect while the third knob labeled “Width” adjusts the footprint of the phase effect on your sound. The width function is very useable at all settings and provides great changes to the color of the sound effect. The little toggle switch controls an internal feedback function which changes the tone of the Phaser and offers you an even greater variety of very useable colors when combined with the knob functions. 

Phase-Shifting is a classic, core effect for modern guitar players. The JHS Phaser pedal delivers delicious phase shifting effects in a tidy little package for a very reasonable price. If you were thinking about buying a phase shifter effect you should put this one at the top of your shopping list. It has all the great tones, it’s easy to contour to your music and it won’t break the bank to buy one. It's made in Kansas City by people who care. 

Good music to you!


Input: 1/4” unbalanced, high impedance

Output: 1/4” unbalanced, low impedance

Power: 70mA @ 9 volts DC, do not use greater than 9 volts or you’ll void the warranty

Power Connection: 2.1mm DC barrel connector, Boss-standard power connection

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