Wednesday, May 31, 2023



This is a very high quality, single-space, 1U, rack mount box with big heavy-duty selector switches to allow you to audition your mix on five different pairs of powered studio monitor speakers. A subwoofer on-off switch is provided so you can add or subtract bass enhancement to your full-range listening experience.

I resisted buying this switch box for years due to the price, it's not what I would call cheap, but you do get a lot of quality for your money. The enclosure is steel, the connectors are Neutrik and the five main pushbutton switches feel like they were made to last forever. 

I have five different monitor-speaker sets that I regularly switch between. It took me a while to step up and acquire all this gadgetry but I'm so glad I did. Doing a quick A-B comparison and checking your mix on five different speakers is a great way to get everything in balance, now I don't know how I worked without it. 

All the connections on the rear of the Coleman speaker switcher are XLR 3-pin (mostly XLRm outputs). The majority of modern powered monitors have 3-pin XLR inputs so you can use standard microphone cables to connect the Coleman switcher outputs to the speaker line inputs.

The five speaker-selector pushbutton switches on the Coleman SPK5+1 are heavy duty for precision audio control and reliability, they make a big loud "click-chunk" when you make a selection. 

The bottom line, there is no other gadget with the exact same feature set and high level of hand built quality. When you're ready to cure your desire and need for more active-monitor speaker switching trust the Coleman SPK5+1.

Good Music To You!

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